Record Ltd Inc, They did not give me the service they advertise

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Record Ltd, is a company that checks people work history, backgrounds, etc, Supposedly it was free, but it is not, you will find out as soon as they down load the report you ask for.Also after you paid, the report they supposedly to download, it is not a report, only a name which I gave them, a city which I gave them also.

They actually stole my money advertizing a service they did not provide, and now they have my credit card number.I just wanted a report of my work history because I not sure of the dates, and to see if everything is OK, when they download the program, they told me I have to pay $1 dollar, because the report was very sensitive and complete, I paid, downloaded the report, and the only thing the report had was my name, last address and my age, nothing that I needed

Review about: Background And Work History.



Hello there,

I am the head of customer service for RecordLTD. I’d first off like to apologize if you had a poor experience. I would like to clarify that we have a vast number of reports to provide to customers and we help thousands every day.

If for some reason a report was unavailable, although this is rare, it usually means there is some redundant information in the system. However, in order to achieve outstanding customer service which we pride ourselves on, we always offer refunds. An additional service we offer is for the customer to allow a 3 hour extensive search done by a member of our team in order to further investigate results.

Please reach out to me at, so I can personally handle this issue and ensure a refund. Please be sure to provide your full name and zip code so I can issue your refund with utmost efficiency.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Joanne Berger

Head of Customer Service

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